Obsession can be a good thing…


Here at Micro Master we believe that obsession can be a good thing.

We're obsessed with delivering you our customers, the finest parts or models yet created, whether 3D printed, photo-etch, resin or traditional injection molded plastic. This obsession has led us to invest in the finest 3D printing technology available, high-end software and hardware. This means we're capable of achieving results that are light-years ahead of our rivals, results that have to be seen to be believed.

This obsession means spending hours and days trawling through books, plans and web pages to make sure that that we don't miss anything that was on the original. Our obsession takes us to museums around the world, to see rusty old guns in city parks or cliff tops and getting photographs that help us create the most accurate parts possible. Our models aren't just boxes and cylinders like most other parts out there, take a good look at the renders or images and just compare the levels of detail.

Our models are created full size (in the digital realm) with the full detail of the original and then painstakingly re-worked for each smaller scale, making sure that none of those carefully captured details are lost. Compare Micro Master parts with those of other producers and you'll see what we mean.

So when you buy a Micro Master part, you're not just buying a small part for your project, you're buying a carefully researched, crafted and produced part that you can hopefully obsess over too.

Here's to obsession.