Shapeways is one of the leading 3D printing marketplaces - bringing together a a network of over 1 million businesses who offer their designs for sale through Shapeways. For 5 years Micro Master has been compiling a large inventory of the most detailed and accurate Royal Navy, Naval and Armour Collections available on Shapeways.

Whilst we have added most common items in the most popular scales to our Premium Collection, not all parts are suitable for a variety of reasons. Below is a list to see if Shapeways parts are for you.

So why use our Shapeways Collection?

Whilst most parts in our Premium Collection are far superior in detail, smoothness, accuracy and value, for certain parts Shapeways is still the best alternative. Here's why…

  • SIZE. Shapeways printers can print much larger items than is currently available in our Premium Collection. However please check with Micro Master first to see if the part we have on our Shapeways store is transferable to our Premium Collection. Contact us here to check if we can do it! Contact us.
  • SUPPORT REMOVAL. Shapeways printed parts are more like traditional kit sprues in that the part will be connected by one or two struts. This is due to the type of printing, this uses waxy material to support the part during printing instead of physical supports. This maybe more suitable for people that struggle with very small parts. The downside is that this leaves a waxy residue that needs cleaning off and also many rough surfaces or visible lines.
  • POSTAGE COSTS. Because Shapeways has locations in the US and Europe postage can be quicker. However our Premium Collection turnaround times are much quicker than Shapeways (for similar definition parts) with Stocked Items dispatching within 3 days and non-stocked items dispatching in 7 days.