What Our Customers Say…

  • "Everything that I have ever have from you is always gobstopping"
    - Mike Snider. US
  • "Beautiful work. The parts are really nice, the quality of the print is spectacular. Your design is spot on."
    - Joseph Hoffman. US
  • "I can only recommend Micro Master sets for their excellent quality as well as for Simon´s responsiveness and patience."
    - Vladimir Karen. Czech Republic
  • "I do love your products, IMHO You are the best designer on Shapeways and very glad for the incoming products you are planning."
    - Miguel Villarreal
  • "All are really good work, perfect! Many thanks for your all good efforts. I will come back for more!"
    - Alan Ong, Singapore
  • "I have to compliment you on the quality of the printing that is excellent. I am really looking forward to cleaning it up and getting it assembled."
    - Paul Ramsden, UK
  • "The motor boats are hollow with clearly defined roofs, bollards, and seats; the cutter even has the rope that hangs along the side; chocks are included as separate pieces. The twin 20mm have the drum magazines and the barrels are microns thin. The gun mountings are also hollow with interior detail; the 4.7in mounts are printed in one piece with barrels. The deck hatches have doors and hinges, the life rafts are detailed top and bottom. Torpedo tubes have torpedoes, compressed air flasks, air lines, and treadplates. And these are all in 1/720 scale! They are quite amazing, the boats have to be seen to be believed. These parts will really dress up your build in whatever scale you choose. It’s hard for me to imagine building any kit in future without the use of these parts. Buy with confidence!"
    - Rob Brown, Author of several Shipcraft series & Battleship Warspite books
  • "All I can simply say is... fantastic! Just one item that I'm looking at now, the rangefinder, is (to quote Steve Jobs) insanely great! This is going to be the best build I've ever done."
    - Bill Haff. US
  • "I've got to had it to you, just looking over your continuing updates on your Premium Collection parts for navy ships, your parts are unbelievably beautiful in scale and detail. They are better than museum quality."
    - Allan Wells. NY
  • "The Hood turrets are a work of art, all your parts are works of art but these are something else."
    - Michael Smith. UK
  • "Truly inspiring aftermarket parts! I look forward to my next build, knowing I'll have the help of great vendors like Micro Master."
    - Bill Haff. US

With a lifetime of experience in design and illustration, a passion for military modelling, we now bring you the finest 3D printed hobby parts.

Using the latest high-end software and professional grade 3D printing technology, we can now create the most accurate and detailed parts available, anywhere!

Our Premium Collection has to be seen to be believed and will literally take your breath away…