Why choose our brand new Premium Collection?

So why choose the new Micro Master Premium Collection product range? Why choose it over let's say some other 3D part supplier or even our own Shapeways store? Once you see the results you'll understand why.

Our new Premium Collection is printed using next-generation technology, 3D printers and resin that can produce the tiniest of parts, with detail that surpass that even of photo-etch and all other 3D printed parts currently available. Our printer is capable of printing the finest details even at small scales such as 1/600 and 1/700. Rivets and non-slip textures are visible on parts even at these small scales, finally, technology that does our designs justice, whatever the scale.

Existing models from our Shapeways store have also been extensively reworked to maximize the level of detail we can now achieve. 

The parts are printed in a UV curable resin and use physical supports instead of the waxy support material that Shapeways use, this has the advantage of being able to produce crisp details and smooth surfaces. The specially developed material we use is custom made for high-detail models and is a matt mid-grey colour, ideal for model makers. Our parts are printed on rafts or platforms and where necessary have identifying marks (such as turret numbers or letters) to aid the modeller in correct placement.

See our Preparation Guidelines for more information on handling, removing and painting the parts.

All of our renders show the actual product on the raft or platform, there are several reasons for this. These renders faithfully show all of the details on the part you'll receive, they also show the supports. Therefore these renders are a valuable guide for the modeller as they highlight the supports that need removing.

Note: The colour you see in our renders is also a close match for the actual resin we use, so no more frosty white or gloopy looking light grey resin.


HINT: Be sure to use the drop-down Filter Tab in our Collections to narrow your search down.

Our Premium Collection offers smoother surfaces, far higher levels of detail, more accuracy and better value than any other 3D parts out there. We hope you enjoy visiting our store and once you see our Premium Collection products you won't choose anything else!