Meet the team

Simon Percival

Trained as a Technical Illustrator in the days before CAD, having learned 3D illustration the old-school way with Rotring ink pens, DeVilbiss airbrushes, ellipse guides and water colour paints. Having 20+ years experience in the UK as a graphic designer/retoucher and having worked for some of the worlds largest brands from Toyota to Sony. He then relocated to New Zealand 11 years ago to go hunting for Orcs, set up Micro Master as passion project 6 years ago. Now it’s his full-time baby and there’s no looking back…

Fiercely competitive and uncompromising on quality he can often be heard screaming in his office to himself “not good enough dammit!” (whilst hitting himself on the head with a ruler). Passionate about using 3D technology he wants to share with hobbyists what is possible with great design, experience, thorough research and a dogged determination to produce the best 3D printed parts on the market.

Jacqueline Franco

Jacqueline is one of those unique people that like studying plans... she’s even been known to dream about them. An architect graduate with over 13 years of experience modeling 3D from scale plans, she will often have a eureka(!) moment and come up with a brilliant idea for improving designs. An expert in 3D modeling programs like Cinema 4D  and AutoCAD 3D, we often wonder whether she  sees the whole world as one big render!

Jacqueline has worked with us for 6 months now, becoming our Bofors expert and has produced a range of them soon ready for release. Jacqueline is a vital part of the team and we look forward to sharing more of her accurate models with her great attention to detail soon.