1/100 Imperial German Navy 15cm/45 (5.9") SK L/45 MPL C/06 x1

  • $30.50

1/100 Imperial German Navy 15cm/45 (5.9") SK L/45 MPL C/06 Gun x1. These are highly detailed, accurate models created from plans and many reference photos. Used on Nassau, Helgoland, Kaiser, Von der Tann, Moltke, Blücher, König, Seydlitz, Derfflinger & Lützow.

  • Contains x1 Mount
  • Details include: Rivets, Hex Bolts, Sighting, Elevation and Training Mechanisms
  • Barrel is printed separately and can be elevated as desired up to maximum of 20º
  • The Gun comes in 3 Parts and will require some assembly: Casemate, Mount & Barrel.

A good, reliable weapon used as secondary armament on battleships and battlecruisers as well as on most cruisers built during World War I. Some pre-war cruisers were rearmed with these weapons during the war.

In the 1920s, this weapon was used to arm the Light Cruiser Emden. During the Second World War, it was notable for equipping some of the famous merchant raiders and was used in coastal artillery batteries.

Constructed of A tube and two layers of hoops. Used the Krupp horizontal sliding wedge breech block.

All German 15 cm guns had an actual bore diameter of 14.91 cm (5.87 in).