1/100 Regia Marina Littorio Class 90mm/50 (3.5") Model 1939 x1 (Port)

  • $34.50

1/100 Scale Regia Marina Littorio Class 90mm/50 (3.5") Model 1939 x1 Port version. This is a highly detailed model created using plans, dimensions and many photographs for the Littorio Class Battleships Littorio, Vittorio Veneto & Roma.

  • 1x Turret in set, includes Turret Mount and Rubberised Canvas protective covers. Base Ring Access Hatch faces aft
  • Details include: Open Sighting Ports, Armour Plating join seams, Rivets, Blast Bag Fasteners and Crew Access Hatches
  • Barrel printed separately and can be elevated as desired up to a maximum of 75º.


Developed by Ansaldo these guns had good ballistic properties for their caliber, but their stabilized mountings were too advanced for their time and experienced many technical faults. The mountings were stabilized in four axes; training, elevation, roll correction and pitch correction. Eleven gyros were used in a very complex arrangement to maintain stabilization. RPC was fitted but removed from the Duilo class in 1942, apparently because of water damage. The Littorio class had their mountings located much higher and retained RPC. However, even these ships suffered from frequent electrical and mechanical breakdowns.

In 1938 plans were made to rebuild the Alberico da Barbiano (1st Condottieri) class into AA cruisers. These plans entailed removing all existing armament and rearming the ships with sixteen 90 mm/50 guns in single mountings, arranged six forward, four amidships and four aft along with ten twin 20mm MG mountings. This plan was not implemented due to financial considerations and the need to prioritize gun production for the battleships.

Constructed of autofretted monobloc barrel with a screwed-on breech ring holding the horizontal sliding breech block and seatings for the run-out and recoil cylinders. The gun barrel was attached to the receiver by a bayonet joint. The original design was 48 calibers in length, but the production guns were 50 calibers long.