1/128 German Kriegsmarine 12.7cm/45 (5") SK C/34 x1

  • $17.50

1/128 German Kriegsmarine 12.7cm/45 (5") SK C/34 x1. This is a highly detailed part based on plans and photographs to make this the most accurate 12.7 cm/45 (5") SK C/34 available anywhere. Used on German Z1, Z17, Z35 & Z 43 Destroyer Classes along with Greek Vasilevs Georgios Class Destroyers

  • 1x Mount
  • Highly detailed and accurate part, plans and photographic reference
  • Barrel and Sighting Apparatus are printed separately and can be angled as desired (-10º to +30º)
  • Details include Hex nuts, open sighting ports, Non-slip Pattern on footplates, Training/Elevation Apparatus and Receivers
  • Parts are printed in 5 separate parts: Shield, Mount, Barrel and 2x Sighting Port Flaps.

A low-angle weapon intended for surface action, this gun armed all of the German destroyers built before the start of World War II and a few war-built ones. There was also a twin mount planned for the never-built Type XI U-boats (U-Kreuzer).

At least eight of these guns were exported to Greece for arming the destroyers of the Vasilevs Georgios class.

Early guns were bored-out versions of the 10.5 cm/55 (4.1”) SK C/28. The production guns were constructed of a loose barrel, jacket and breech end piece with a vertical sliding breech block.

Some of these guns were still in service as of 2003 in coastal defense units in Norway.

All German 12.7 cm guns had an actual bore diameter of 12.8 cm (5.04 in).