1/144 Royal Navy Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV x2

  • $17.20

1/144 Scale Royal Navy Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV x2 as used on many Royal and Allied Navy MTB's. These are highly detailed parts modelled using the John Lambert plans and reference photographs to create the most accurate and detailed Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV available anywhere.

  • 2x Mounts
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Hex nuts, accurate Rivet placement, Shell in Loading position, Sights (including accurate Cross-Hairs) and Operators Rests
  • Barrels set at 0º elevation

Semi-automatic guns designed by Rolls-Royce and used mainly on MLs (Motor Launch). These guns were considered unsatisfactory, at least initially, although 602 were built. Used a monobloc barrel, breech ring and breech body in which the semi-automatic breech block moved horizontally. Casings and cradle were aluminum alloy. Ballistics were similar to the Mark VIII. Mounting was Mark XIV which was a pedestal type with a elevation range of -12 to +60 degrees. Recoil was 17.5 inches (44.5 cm). Gun and cradle weighed 336 lbs. (152 kg), these together with the mounting totaled 1,036 lbs. (470 kg).