1/150 French Navy 100mm/45 (3.9") CAD Model 1937 x1

  • $17.50

1/150 French Navy 100mm/45 (3.9") CAD Model 1937 Gun x1. Modelled from plans and using known dimensions to create a highly detailed version of this gun that never made it into service. These were to be used on the Battleship Alsace and the Heavy Cruiser De Grasse.

  • Contains x1 Mount
  • Details include: Rivets & Hex Nuts, Crew Access Ladders, Sighting Port Hatches, Periscope Tower, Venting, Access Hatches and Ladders
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be angled up to a maximum of 90º

The Model 1930 as a mid-range anti-aircraft gun, replacing some of the unsuccessful 152 mm DP guns on the Richelieu class battleships. Also used on the Heavy Cruiser Algérie. Used an autofretted barrel and a semi-automatic breech mechanism. Loading was by spring-powered rammers. These guns were in a single cradle and fired fixed ammunition.

The Model 1933 was an improved version which did not see service use. Unless otherwise noted, data below is for the Model 1930.

The Model 1937 was an enclosed mounting with the Model 1933 guns individually sleeved and did not enter service use. This was originally designed for small minesweeping sloops and had two pusher hoists per gun, one for ASu and one for AA, which turned with the mounting. Weight given above is for the original design which was for small warships and had 4 mm plating. Mountings for the battleships would have had 30 mm plating and larger servo-motors.