1/150 French Navy Triple 152mm/55 (6") Model 1936 x3 (Richelieu Class)

  • $120.75

1/150 French Navy Triple 152mm/55 (6") Model 1936 Guns x3 (Richelieu Class) as seen when launched. These are incredibly highly detailed parts modelled using dimensions from the ship builders plans as well as many photographs to make these the most accurate and detailed Richelieu Secondary turrets available.

  • Contains x3 Mounts, Rangefinders printed separately.
  • 2 different types of Rangefinder: 2x for Port and Starboard Turrets and 1x for Amidships Turret
  • Details include: Rangefinder and Sighting Hatches, Blast Bag Hood Fasteners, Armour Plate lines, accurate Venting, Crew Access Hatches and Ladders
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be angled as desired.

The first French cruiser guns to use cased ammunition, these were introduced as SP guns on light cruisers and proved to be quite successful in that role. However, the DP version built for the Richelieu class battleships was too ambitious for its time and was generally conceded to be a failure, with some of the mountings being replaced by smaller AA weapons.

The guns were in individual cradles, with training and elevation supplied by electric motor with hydraulic drive and RPC.

The DP mountings for the battleships were designed to load at any angle and were provided with triple-hoist systems, one for surface projectiles,one for AA and one for cartridges, so that the weapons could quickly convert between the different shell types. Unfortunately, this system proved to be a source of jamming and the ROF figure, low as it was, could not be maintained. The low train and elevation rates of these mountings meant that they could not track fast-moving aircraft targets, further degrading their usefulness in the AA role. In 1939, it was decided to replace some of Richelieu’s DP mounts with 100 mm (3.9”) guns in order to improve her mid-range AA capability.

These guns were built with autofretted jacket, breech ring and loose barrel and used a vertical sliding block.

During the war guns of monobloc construction were manufactured in Canada to rearm cruisers and three of these were used post-war on Richelieu in Turret VII. The six remaining guns in her Turrets V and VI were relined at Ruelle.