1/192 Imperial German Navy 8.8cm/45 (3.46") Flak L/45 MPL C13 x4

  • $30.50

1/192 Imperial German Navy 8.8cm/45 (3.46") Flak L/45 MPL C13 Guns x4. These are highly detailed, accurate models created from plans and many reference photos. Used on Mackensen, Ersatz Yorck, Brummer, Königsberg, Cöln, FK 1 & FK 2, Deutschland, Emden & Königsberg.

  • Contains x4 Mounts
  • Details include: Non-slip pattern on Footplates, Rivets, Hex Bolts, Sighting, Elevation and Training Mechanism
  • Barrel is printed separately and can be elevated as desired up to maximum of 70º

A series of weapons with similar performance that were used as anti-torpedo boat guns on pre-dreadnoughts, main guns on torpedo boats and destroyers and later developed into Germany’s first AAA gun. The Flak L/45 was also used to replace some of the 8.8 cm/35 anti-torpedo boat guns on older warships.

During the 1920s these guns were used as an interim measure on the Panzerschiffe Deutschland and on light cruisers until the new 8.8 cm/76 SK C/32 gun was available, with most ships being refitted by 1939.

During the 1930s surviving guns were modified to take the same ammunition as was used in the 8.8 cm/45 (3.4”) SK C/30 and then had the same performance as did that gun.