1/200 Royal Navy 6"/45 (15.2 cm) BL MKXII x1

  • $7.50

1/200 Royal Navy 6"/45 (15.2 cm) BL MKXII x1 with Sighting Hatches Open. This is a highly detailed part modelled using plans and reference photographs.

  • 1x Mount
  • Highly detailed and accurate part, modelled from plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: Training and Elevation Gear, Sighting Apparatus, Accurate Breech loading mechanism, Non-slip pattern on Footplates, Steps, Rivets and Hex nuts
  • Shield Sighting Port Hatches are Open
  • Barrel is printed separately and can be elevated as desired

First carried by the cruiser HMS Birmingham in 1914, this weapon was used as the secondary gun on the Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign battleship classes and as the main gun on all cruisers built during World War I. These guns were 5 calibers shorter than the previous 50 caliber guns in order to make them easier to work on small cruisers. The lively nature of those ships had made the 50 caliber guns unwieldy and hard to manage. During World War II some AMCs and gunboats were fitted with guns removed from scrapped ships.

Constructed of inner A tube, A tube, full length wire, full length jacket, breech ring and breech bush which screwed into the A tube. Used a hand-worked Welin breech-block. Mark XIIA had a modified chamber with parallel front end, while the Mark XIIB had a modified chamber with a bore of 5.985” (15.202 cm) in an effort to improve accuracy. Where practical, it was preferred not to mix Mark XIIB with Mark XII or XIIA, but all guns were interchangeable. A total of 463 guns were manufactured for the Royal Navy, of which 431 remained in service as of 1939. Although none of these guns were specifically manufactured for the Army, many were transferred from the Navy during World War II for use in emergency coastal defense batteries.

Actual bore length was 45.11 calibers.