1/200 Royal Navy Thorneycroft MKII Depth Charge Throwers x2 (Unloaded)

  • $11.50

1/200 Scale Royal Navy Thorneycroft MKII Depth Charge Throwers x2 (Unloaded) as used by the Royal Navy and Commonwealth Navies on a wide range of WW2 vessels. Highly detailed gun modelled from plans and many reference photographs taken at Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard. Note: this set does NOT have the Depth Charge in position.

  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: Firing Mechanism, Support Web, Safety Key, Base Plate, Set Screw, Cast Ring and Cast Strap
  • Manufacturers logo (Thornycroft) cast onto main launcher side.

Depth charge thrower Mark II, 1939 was the usual thrower on 'Flowers' for most of the war, the basic design of the Mark II dated from 1917, weighed about 10cwt including the carrier and could throw a standard Mark VII depth charge 40 yards. Its main drawback was a separate carrier which required space for stowage and was expended when a oc·was fired. The improved Mark IV thrower was not introduced into 'Flowers' until late in the war.