1/350 German Kriegsmarine 28cm (11") SK C/28 (Deutschland/Lützow)

  • $26.00

1/350 German Kriegsmarine 28cm (11") SK C/28 (Deutschland/Lützow). These are the most detailed and accurate 28cm SK C/28 Guns available anywhere and have been created using plans and many reference photographs. These turrets are quite different than the 28cm SK C/34 as carried by the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Due to different armour thickness the turrets were ever so slightly smaller, had different Rangefinder Hoods and had a different square bolt layout as can be seen in many photos. Many publications with 3D renders depict these turrets incorrectly, the Micro Master set has been painstakingly created using photos of Turrets off the Deutschland Class Cruisers to make sure of accuracy.

  • 2x Highly detailed turrets with Rangefinders
  • Details include: Rivets, Periscope and Open Sighting Hatches
  • Accurate underside detail including shell ejection ports and hatches
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be elevated as desired.

This weapon was used on the famous Panzerschiffes or “Pocket Battleships” Lützow (ex-Deutschland), Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee. The turrets were fitted with RPC only for elevation.

The shells used for these guns had inferior ballistic characteristics when compared to those for the later 28 cm SK C/34.

The construction of this weapon was similar to that of the 28 cm SKC/34, but the jacket was in one piece.

All German 28 cm guns had an actual bore diameter of 28.3 cm (11.1”).