1/350 Imperial German Navy 28cm/50 (11”) SK L/50 x5 (Moltke Class)

  • $34.50

1/350 Imperial German Navy 28cm/50 (11”) SK L/50 x5 (Moltke Class). Highly detailed parts modelled from plans and many photographs as reference. Ideal replacement for the poor quality and inaccurate versions in all available kits. These Turrets were used on the SMS Moltke and SMS Goeben.

  • Contains x5 Turrets, Turrets are labelled on base for placement. A (Fore), B (Starboard), C & D (Aft superfiring Turrets) and E (Aft Portside)
  • Details include: Rivets, Hex Bolts, Armour Panel Lines, Sighting Ports, Rangefinders and Crew Access Ladders
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be elevated as desired.

A slightly more powerful gun than the previous 28 cm SK L/45. The mountings for these guns used electric pumps to drive hydraulic elevation gear while the training was all electric. The famous German/Turkish battlecruiser Goeben/Yavuz carried these guns for fifty years.

The battlecruiser Seydlitz has the unfortunate distinction of having both her after turrets burned out following damage received at Dogger Bank and then one of them burned out again at Jutland (Skagerrak). However, alterations and practices put in place following Dogger Bank are credited with saving German lives at Jutland (Skagerrak).

With the exception of Yavuz, during World War II these guns were used only as coastal artillery. They were then supplied with a lighter shell with a larger propellant charge for increased range. Four of these guns in single Drh LC/37 coastal turrets were employed as the Grosser Kurfürst battery at Pillau, latter at Framzelle, as part of the Channel defenses.

Constructed of A tube, two layers of hoops and a jacket. Used the Krupp horizontal sliding wedge breech block. A total of 36 guns were made.

All German 28 cm guns had an actual bore diameter of 28.3 cm (11.1”).