1/350 Imperial German Navy 35cm/45 (13.78") SK L/45 x4 w. Blast Bags (Mackensen Class)

  • $40.50

1/350 Imperial German Navy 35cm/45 (13.78") SK L/45 x4 Guns with Blast Bags (Mackensen Class). Highly detailed parts modelled from plans and best guess using the Bayern Turrets as reference. These guns are for the planned but never completed Mackensen Class Battlecruisers.

  • Contains x4 Turrets
  • Details include: Rivets, Hex Bolts, Armour Panel Lines, Sighting Ports, Rangefinders and Crew Access Ladders
  • Authentic material effect Blast Bags with Barrels set at 0º elevation.

Planned for the never-completed Mackensen Class battlecruisers. Jackets from unfinished guns were used in building the long-range Paris Gun.

In 1922 there existed thirteen 35 cm SK L/45 guns, 15 naval gun carriages and 13 recoil mechanisms. Not all the series numbers of these guns were kept in the archives, but serial numbers 1 to 9 (the eight guns plus one spare intended for Mackensen) were destroyed at the Wilhelmshaven Arsenals as required by the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

The naval mountings for these guns were to use electric pumps to drive hydraulic elevation gear while the training was all electric. These guns also would have had hydraulically worked shell hoists, rammers and breeches.

Source note: Some sources claim that one of these guns was used at Flanders, but this seems to be a case of mistaken identity. Krupp built a special long-range 35.5 cm SK L/52.5 gun called “König August” which was completed in 1913. This gun was to be used at Calais if the Germans penetrated that far, but was instead used in semi-permanent fortress XII at Quéant in October 1916. It was later at Sancourt and fired at Doulles in 1918.