1/350 Regia Marina 152mm/53 (6") Model 1929 x4 (Muzio Attendolo)

  • $26.50

1/350 Scale Regia Marina 152mm/53 (6") OTO Model 1929 x4 for the Light Cruiser Muzio Attendolo. These are highly detailed models created using plans, dimensions and many photographs. This set is for the Condottieri Class Light Cruiser (Montecuccoli sub-class): Muzio Attendolo. See my store for others in this class.

  • 4x Turrets in set, all Turrets are unique and labelled on Base Platform
  • Details include: Armour Plating join seams, Rivets, Deck Awning Mounting Points, Carley Float Fixing Eyes, Blast Bag Fasteners and Roof Access Ladders
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be elevated as desired between -10º and 45º.


Used on all “Condottieri” light cruiser classes except the Garibaldi class. The 1926 and 1929 Models were by different manufacturers and components from each manufacturer were apparently not fully interchangeable.

As in many Italian twin mountings, these guns were mounted closely together which reportedly caused some interference problems. The mountings in the 1st and 2nd groups (Alberico da Barbiano and Luigi Cadorna classes) were too lightly built for the recoil forces created by the very high muzzle velocities of these weapons.

Construction of the Ansaldo guns seems to have varied from gun to gun. One drawing of a relined gun shows A tube, jacket and a very heavy breech ring screwed to the jacket with a square thread, and a relatively thick taper liner with a retaining bush screwed into the rear end of the jacket. The OTO guns used a thin, loose liner of the Pittoni type, A tube, full length jacket and breech ring. All guns used sliding horizontal breech blocks.