1/350 Regia Marina Zara 203mm/53 (8") Model 1927 x4

  • $22.50

1/350 Scale Regia Marina Zara 203mm/53 (8") Model 1927 x4. These are highly detailed models created using plans and known dimensions for the RM Zara. Ideal replacements for the poor versions in the 1/350 Trumpeter Zara kit.

  • 4x Turrets in set, each Turret is unique and is clearly marked on the base
  • Turret IV has the ships motto "Tenacemente (tenaciously)" on Port & Starboard side. Font has been matched from original photos
  • Turret Sighting Port openings have the squarer type guttering/eyebrow unlike the Pola that had a curved gutter above these ports
  • Details include: Open Rangefinder Ports, Underside Crew Access Hatch, Armour Plating join seams, Rivets, Blast Bag Fasteners, Roof Access Ladders and Crew Walkways
  • Barrels are printed separately and on a shared Cradle as per the real ship and can be adjusted to a maximum elevation of 45º.


More powerful than the previous 20.3 cm (8”) Model 1924, these were probably Italy’s best cruiser guns of World War II. The guns were the same for both Models, with the difference being that the M1927 mountings used on the Zara Class had thicker armor than the M1929 used on Bolzano.

These guns suffered from shell dispersion problems as they were mounted too close together. The muzzle velocity was lowered during trials in a largely unsuccessful attempt to reduced the dispersion. The guns were not individually sleeved.

Built with A tube, full length jacket, breech ring and a loose liner which could be replaced on-board ship. Used a Welin breech-block which was hydraulically operated.

Actual bore diameter was 20.32 cm (8.0”).