1/350 Royal Navy 12"/45 (30.5cm) MKX x4 (Indefatigable Class 1913)

  • $33.50

1/350 Scale Royal Navy 12"/45 (30.5cm) MKX for Indefatigable Class Battlecruisers (HMS Indefatigable, HMAS Australia and HMS New Zealand) as seen in 1913. Highly detailed guns modelled from plans and many reference photographs. Ideal replacements for the low quality/inaccurate resin versions found in the Combrig Kit.

  • 4x Mounts (A Turret has Rangefinder Hood for a 9ft Rangefinder), P, Q and Y are the same
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: Rivets, Hex nuts, Crew Access Hatches, Ladders, Sighting Ports, open Rangefinder Ports
  • Barrels are printed separately and can be elevated as desired.

A Vickers design used on the famous British battleship HMS Dreadnought, which was the first battleship completed with an “all big gun” main armament.

These guns were originally developed for the two ships of the Lord Nelson class, the last of the British pre-dreadnoughts. The mountings and guns intended for those ships were instead used to speed the construction of HMS Dreadnought. As a result, construction on the Lord Nelson class was held up while new guns and mountings were built for them, delaying their completion until 1908. Thus, these last British “pre-dreadnoughts” were actually finished two years after their design had been obsoleted by HMS Dreadnought.

In addition to their use on capital ships, a further three guns with four spares were mounted as coastal artillery in Belgium during World War I.

Constructed of nickel-steel inner A and A tubes, full length wire, B tube and overlapping jacket. The breech bush screwed into the A tube and then were both shrunk and screwed on to collars on the latter. These guns used a mechanically improved breech mechanism of “pure couple” design that was either manually or hydraulically worked. This proved so successful that it was essentially copied in all later designs. 133 Mark X guns were manufactured plus two Mark X* guns, which was to an earlier design with a thinner chase and weighed 448 lbs. (203 kg) less.