1/350 Royal Navy 3"/70 (7.62 cm) MKVI x1

  • $7.50

1/350 Royal Navy 3"/70 (7.62 cm) MKVI x1 as used by the Royal Navy on Tiger Class Post-war Cruisers. These are highly detailed parts modelled using plans and many reference photographs.

  • 1x Mount
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: Rivets and Hex nuts, Handrails, Venting, Open Sighting Position, Crew Access Doors and Crew Access Ladder
  • Barrel is printed separately and can be angled as desired. Comes in 3 parts and require some simple assembly.

This was an AA mounting designed by Vickers for the Tiger class cruisers and later used on Canadian destroyer escorts. It had been intended to arm British frigates of the 1950s with this weapon, but it was not ready in time and the 4.5” (11.4 cm) Mark 6 was used in its place.

The development of the ammunition and the gun barrel was a joint British-American project, but each navy chose to design a completely different gun mount. The British mounting was less ambitious in concept and slightly more successful in practice than its American counterpart, the 3”/70 (7.62 cm) Mark 37 mounting.

The British mounting was prone to ammunition feed breakdowns and required much maintenance to keep in service. During refits for ships based on the West Coast, components of the mounting would be removed from the ship and then shipped by rail from Esquimalt, British Columbia, to the Naval Armament Depot in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where they would be rebuilt and then shipped back to the West Coast. Later, Esquimalt became the primary center for maintaining these weapons.

The gun barrel was a water cooled monobloc type and used a vertically sliding breech mechanism. There is a three caliber smoothbore section near the muzzle (Probertised) to reduce loss of velocity and to act as a flash suppressor. The barrel is attached to the breech ring by interrupted threads (bayonet joint) and can be removed without dismounting the gun, similar to earlier USN designs.

The gun is designed such that the empty cartridge is ejected and the next round rammed while the gun is running out. The mounting has a local control cab on the right side of the mounting.