1/350 Royal Navy 3-pdr 1.85”/40 (47 mm) MKV Mountings x2

  • $8.50

1/350 Scale Royal Navy 3-pdr 1.85”/40 (47 mm) MKV Mountings x2 (Fairmile B). Highly detailed parts created using the John Lambert drawings. These are suitable for Fairmile B type Fast Motor Boats and/or Allied Coastal Patrol Boats (check your reference as boats carried different configurations).

  • 2x Mounts
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: Training and Elevation Gear, Accurate Breech loading and Trigger mechanism, Operators Rest, Rivets, Hex nuts, Sighting Apparatus
  • Barrel set at 0º elevation.

Hotchkiss 3-pdr guns were introduced in 1886 for locations where the 6-pdr gun was considered to be too heavy. Used as anti-torpedo boat guns on most small cruisers built prior to World War I. As did other nations, the British found that these small-caliber projectiles were too light to be effective and many guns were converted following World War I to sub-caliber training and saluting guns. This last use meant that a number of these guns survived until World War II when they were converted back to shooting guns and used on MLs and other minor auxiliary warships. An approximate total of 2,950 of these guns were in naval service, with about 1,950 of these still available in 1939.

Mark I was of monobloc construction while the Mark II was a built-up design. Almost all surviving guns in 1939 were Mark I.