1/600 Royal Navy 2-pdr 4cm/39 (1.575") QF MKII on HA MKII Mount x12

  • $11.50

1/600 Scale Royal Navy 2-pdr 4cm/39 (1.575") QF MKII on HA MKII Mount x12 as used by the Royal Navy and Allied Navies. These are highly detailed parts modelled using the John Lambert plans and reference photographs to create the most accurate and detailed 2-pdr 4cm/39 (1.575") QF MKII on HA MKII Mounts available.

  • 12x Mounts
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Hex nuts, accurate Rivet placement, Ammo Box with Rounds, Sights, Operators Seats and Handwheels
  • Barrels set at 25º elevation.

Introduced to the Royal Navy in March of 1915 as a large-caliber AA MG. Generally similar to the later 2-pdr Mark VIII including using the same water-cooled barrel, but the automatic mechanism was lighter and less robust. As introduced, these guns used 25-round fabric belts. Used only in single mountings. Britain produced a total of 795 guns of which 577 were still available in 1939.

The original Mark II design was prone to many faults and the Mark II* was a modified version which improved reliability. Stoppages and jams were still frequent in these models, as the rounds slipped out of their holders and the fabric belts often stretched and tore. The Mark II*C was a further modification which used a 14-round steel-link belt instead of the fabric belt. These steel-link belts were also used on the later 2-pdr. Mark VIII guns.

Some fifty of these guns were sold to the Italian Navy. They were then manufactured under license by Terni (Italy) until the early 1930s. The Terni version used a 50 round ammunition box.

Russia ordered a number of these guns from Vickers during World War I and by 1916 forty of them were on hand in the Russian Navy (20 each in the Baltic and Black Sea fleets). In 1916 the Russian Navy ordered sixty additional guns from the Obukhov factory with at least twelve of them being delivered by 1917. All of these weapons used 25 round belts.

There was also an earlier Mark I version, but I lack details as to what were the differences between it and the Mark II.

Actual bore length was 39.37 calibers for all weapons.