1/600 Royal Navy Quad Vickers 0.50"/62 (12.7mm) MG MKIII (No Shield) x8

  • $5.50

1/600 Scale Royal Navy Quad Vickers 0.50"/62 (12.7mm) MG MKIII (No Shield) x8 as used by the Royal Navy and Allied Navies. These are highly detailed parts modelled using the John Lambert plans and reference photographs to create the most accurate and detailed Quad Vickers 0.50"/62 (12.7mm) MG MKIII Guns available.

  • 8x Mounts
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Hex nuts, accurate Rivet placement, Ammo Cartridges, Sights and Operators Rests
  • Barrels set at 45º elevation.

Vickers started production of this gun in 1926, but service introduction on British ships does not seem to have taken place prior to 1932. This weapon was used on almost all British warships during World War II, many in quad mounts like the ones shown below.

This was a recoil-operated, water-cooled gun with link-belt ammunition feed and was significantly less powerful than the USN's 0.50" (12.7 mm) Browning M2 BMG. Like the US and most other nations, the British found small-caliber machine guns like these to be ineffective against modern aircraft. Nonetheless, this weapon was still produced in large numbers during the war with an overall total of 12,500 being built.

A few guns were exported to Japan during the late 1930s where they were designated as the 12 mm/62 "HI" Type (also known as the "BI" Type). The Japanese guns were mostly replaced by the start of the Pacific War by the superior 13 mm and 25 mm Hotchkiss guns.

China purchased 19 British guns pre-war.

Actual bore length was 62.5 calibers.