1/700 Scale WW2 German Nashorn Tank Destroyer x12

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1/700 Scale WW2 German Nashorn Tank Destroyer x12.

  • Contains x12 vehicles
  • Highly detailed vehicles including accurate Surface, interior, Wheel & Track detail.

The Nashorn, German for “Rhinoceros,” was a World War II tank destroyer utilized by Nazi Germany. Developed in 1942, the Nashorn was based on the Panzer III/IV chassis and armed with the powerful 8.8 cm Pak 43/1 anti-tank gun, originally designed for use in the Tiger I tank. This gun provided the Nashorn with formidable firepower, capable of penetrating thick armor at long ranges.

The Nashorn’s open-topped superstructure, while providing good visibility for the crew, left them vulnerable to artillery shrapnel and small arms fire. However, its high velocity gun and relatively lightweight design made it highly mobile and effective in an ambush role, allowing it to engage enemy armor from concealed positions.

Despite its advantages, the Nashorn had several limitations, including thin armor protection and limited traverse for its main gun, which required the vehicle to reposition frequently to engage multiple targets. Additionally, its open-topped design made it susceptible to air and artillery attacks. 
Approximately 494 Nashorn tank destroyers were produced between 1943 and 1945, and they saw action on both the Eastern and Western fronts. While not as heavily armored as some other German tank destroyers, the Nashorn’s powerful gun and mobility made it a formidable adversary for Allied tanks during World War II.