1/72 Royal Navy 21” MKIX Torpedo x1

  • $14.50

1/72 Royal Navy 21” MKIX Torpedo x1. Highly detailed model created from plans and by using many reference photographs (taken at Priddys Hard Portsmouth and Liverpool Maritime Museum) to make these the most accurate and detailed 21” MKIX Torpedo available.

  • 1x Torpedo
  • Details include: Twin Screws, Hex nuts, Rivets, Fins, Firing Pistols, Access Plating, Lifting Eye and Fueling Ports.

This was another burner-cycle torpedo which first appeared in 1930, and it was considerably improved by 1939. If available it was issued to the Leander and later cruisers and to destroyers from the A class onwards, with a few exceptions. It also replaced Mk VII in some 8in (203mm) cruisers during the war. Expenditure to September 1944 was only 361. The principal war version was Mk IX**, first issued to ‘J’ and ‘K’ class destroyers in the summer of 1939. In 1943 it was decided to concentrate on the longest and heaviest torpedo that could be handled and fired by ships then under construction. Length could be increased by 12in (305mm) over that of Mk IX** and total weight raised to 40001b (1814kg). Nitro fuels were considered, but required too many alterations and presented toxicity and ventilation problems. It was eventually decided to take up the12in by increasing the explosive charge to 9301b (422kg) Torpex. None was in service during the war. Early Mk IX torpedoes had air pressure 2500lb/inº (176kgl cm2), HP at 35kts 170, explosive charge 7501b (340kg) TNT and range 10,500yd (9600m)/35kts, 13,500yd (12,350m)/30kts. In Mk IX* air pressure was 2650lb/in2 (186kg/cm2) and range 500yds (450m) more at both speeds. Overall length 23ft 10.5in (7277mm).