1/72 Royal Navy 6-pdr/7cwt 2.244"/43 (57mm) QF Mark IIA (Fore)

  • $30.50

1/72 Scale Royal Navy 6-pdr/7cwt 2.244"/43 (57mm) QF Mark IIA (Fore) as used by the Royal and Commonwealth Navies. Highly detailed part modelled from plans and many reference photographs.

  • 1x Mount
  • Details include: Accurate Molins Auto-Breech Loading mechanism, Shell Storage, Operators Seat and Controls, Rivets, Hex nuts and Sighting Apparatus
  • Base has sheer for forward MTB Deck
  • Barrel set at 0º elevation.

The Mark IIA was a modification of the army’s Mark II anti-tank gun fitted with Molins auto-loading gear. Used by many MTBs in power operated mountings to give them a bigger “punch” when attacking barges and small vessels. It was also proposed to use the Mark II without the auto-loading gear as a wet mount for submarines but this never made it out of the prototype stage.

The Molins auto-loading gear carried seven rounds, one in the breech and six in the feed system. An additional twelve rounds were carried in ready racks on the naval mounting. The last round could not be fired, a precautionary measure to prevent the feed from running out of ammunition which would have necessitated manually working the breech mechanism.

Unlike the RAF version, this weapon allowed only semi-automatic firing.

These guns were of monobloc construction and actual bore length was 42.87 calibers. About 600 guns were produced with Molins gear.