1/72 Royal Navy Thorneycroft MKIV Depth Charge Throwers x2 (Unloaded)

  • $23.50

1/72 Scale Royal Navy Thorneycroft MKIV Depth Charge Thrower x2 (Unloaded) as used by the Royal Navy and Allied Navies on a wide range of mid-to-late WW2 vessels. Highly detailed parts modelled from plans and many reference photographs taken at Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard. Can be used in conjunction with the Micro Master 1/72 Scale MKI Depth Charge Stowage Racks.

  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Details include: DC Carrier, Hyraulic Pipes, Firing Mechanism, Support Web, Safety Key, Base Plate, Set Screw & MKVII Depth Charge separately
  • Royal Coat of Arms on strengthening strut.

Anti-submarine warfare in 1939 relied on ASDIC for U-Boat detection. Equipment however had changed little from that in use in 1918. The original MKII D.C. Thrower was standard equipment. here the Depth Charge, its carrier and it’s stalk were projected overboard. To avoid this wastage and the upper deck stowage problems Thorneycroft produced the MKIV Thrower. Ut had extensive trials aboard HMS Winchelsea, Rother, Spey and Swale form late 1941 to mid 1942. The DC carrier was now part of the thrower and retained, the D.C. being thrown 61yds, some 20yds further than the MKII. The new equipment which included the MKI D.C. Stowage Rack was on all ships built after mid 1942 and was retro fitted to earlier units as the refitted. By 1943 the MKIV was being modified for electro hydraulic firing D.C pattern control system MKI.