1/96 Royal Navy 21" PR MKII Pentad Torpedo Tubes (Aft)

  • $56.50

1/96 Scale Royal Navy 21" PR MKII Pentad Torpedo Tubes x1 (Aft Mount) for J, K & N Class Destroyers. The amazing details on these torpedo tubes have been modelled using the John Lambert plans, Norman Ough plans and photographic reference. If you are building a J or K Class then you will also need the Fore set with the appropriate Tube designations.

  • 1x Set of Torpedo Tubes
  • Set comes with 2 different types of Operator Housing/Shielding, Fully enclosed Circular Housing and an open type Shield. Please check your reference as different ships carried either shield type
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the Norman Ough plans, John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Each Torpedo Tube has it's own designation (Z, Y, X, Q, P)
  • Details include: Rivets, Hex Nuts, Mechanical Operating Equipment for Training, Operator Chairs and Footplates with Non-slip pattern.