1/96 Royal Navy Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV x1

  • $17.33

1/96 Scale Royal Navy Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV x1 as used on many Royal and Allied Navy MTB's. This is a highly detailed part modelled using the John Lambert plans and reference photographs to create the most accurate and detailed Rolls Royce 2-pdr/50 4cm (1.75") MKXIV available anywhere.

  • 1x Mount
  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and photographic reference
  • Hex nuts, accurate Rivet placement, Shell in Loading position, Sights (including accurate Cross-Hairs) and Operators Rests
  • Barrel set at 0º elevation

Semi-automatic guns designed by Rolls-Royce and used mainly on MLs (Motor Launch). These guns were considered unsatisfactory, at least initially, although 602 were built. Used a monobloc barrel, breech ring and breech body in which the semi-automatic breech block moved horizontally. Casings and cradle were aluminum alloy. Ballistics were similar to the Mark VIII. Mounting was Mark XIV which was a pedestal type with a elevation range of -12 to +60 degrees. Recoil was 17.5 inches (44.5 cm). Gun and cradle weighed 336 lbs. (152 kg), these together with the mounting totaled 1,036 lbs. (470 kg).