1/96 Royal Navy Squid Anti-Submarine Mortar MKIV (Starboard & Port)

  • $34.50

1/96 Scale Royal Navy Squid Anti-Submarine Mortar MKIV (Starboard & Port) as used by the Royal Navy and Allied Navies on a late and post WW2 vessels. Highly detailed parts modelled from plans and many reference photographs taken at Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard.

  • Highly detailed and accurate parts, modelled from the John Lambert plans and many reference photos
  • Set contains 2x Squid Mortars, 1x Starboard and 1x Port (clearly marked on support raft). Also contain 2x Projectiles.
  • Details include: Hexnuts, Rivets, Electrical Cables, Training Gear & Clutch, Elevating Gear, Breech Blocks with electrical cables, all tubes are open and pre-loaded. Base Plates have suitable angle to account for Deck camber.

Literally ordered directly from the drawing board, this weapon was rushed into service in 1943 and first used aboard HMS Ambuscade. This weapon was a three-barrel 12 inch (30.5 cm) mortar with the mortars mounted in series, one behind the other, with all three barrels at a fixed elevation. The barrels were mounted in a frame that could be rotated 30 degrees to either side for training and 90 degrees for loading. The barrels were set slightly askew such that their pattern formed a triangle about 40 yards (37 m) on a side at a distance of 275 yards (250 m) ahead of the ship.

The projectiles weighed 390 lbs. (177 kg) with a 207 lbs. (94 kg) minol charge. Sinking speed was 43.5 fps (13.3 mps) and a clockwork time fuze was used to set the depth. Maximum depth was 900 feet (274 m) and all three projectiles had to be set the same.

The weapons were automatically fired by the Type 147 Asdic at the proper moment based upon the depth of the target U-boat. The first successful use was by HMS Loch Killin on 31 July 1944 when she sank U-333, although U-744 was forced to surrender on 6 March 1944 after being damaged by depth charges and Squid.